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Weight Buddies Program

Have Success Losing Weight With Friends & Family

  • Weight Buddies is designed for people to motivate and support each other.
  • We are not selling you a diet plan! You pick any diet plan you want, whether it is a specific diet program (we have links) or a plan that you design for yourself.
  • Our program is all about motivating and supporting each other!
  • For the 6 Week Program you invite people to join your TEAM and they invite others to join the TEAM also.
  • You work together to help each other remain accountable to your individual goals!

Do you have friends or family that do not live near you but would like support losing weight? With Weight Buddies.com it doesn’t matter if they live in another city or another state because you each log in your results daily for each other to see. This creates motivation and accountability.

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