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How many people can be on a team?
You can have any number of people on a team that you would like. We recommend that if your group is for family and friends that you have at least 15-30 people to motivate each other but that doesn't mean your group couldn't be 4 people or over 100.
Is it possible to pay by check?
No, we only accept credit cards or debit cards.
How do I sign up for a 6 Week Program?
Click on the Join Weight Buddies tab at the top of the page. You will then find 3 choices to select from. You will want to select the 2nd choice which is "Join a 6 Week Weight Buddies.com Program". If you are starting a New Team you will follow the prompts to set up your new Team. If you were invited to join a Team that someone has already set up then you will need to have the Team Code that was created when the Team was set up. Then you will just follow the prompts.
Corporate and Charity 6 Week Programs: How to sign up.
To sign up for a Corporate or Charity 6 Week Program you will need the Team Code that has been set up by Weight Buddies.com for your organization. Then select the Join Weight Buddies.com tab at the top of the page. You will want to enter the Team Code into the box in the "Corporate, Charity & Fund Raising 6 Week Weight Buddies.com Program". It is the 3rd choice on the sign up page. Once you enter the Team Code click on the Join Weight Buddies.com oval and follow the prompts.
How long should I wait after starting a new team before the program starts?
You should leave 3-7 days for people to join the Team. This will give people a chance to invite others to join the Team. The more people that are on the Team, the more powerful the team will be!
I prefer to weigh myself once a week. How should I enter my weight once a week?
If you would like to enter your weight weekly it is easy to do. If you start your 6 Week Program on a Monday enter your weight for that day. Then enter that same weight each day when you enter your daily activity in your Daily Log. You will enter a new weight when you weigh yourself again on the following Monday!
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