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Dangers of Too Much Sugar in the Diet

Dangers of Too Much Sugar in the Diet

By Melissa Merritt

There are many people who cannot get through a day without having some sort of sugary food. It is actually natural for your body to crave sugar.  Sugar raises serotonin levels, and the body craves sugar when those levels drop.  Sugar will stimulate and increase the release of the hormone serotonin in the body.  Serotonin is a hormone that improves the moods, so there are times when the body simply wants to feel better, and then we crave sugar.

Unfortunately, eating sugar is followed by the inevitable sugar crash. This happens once the hormone is depleted. We then feel sluggish or run down and grouchy.  This can also cause you to reach for more sugar.

However, just because consuming sugary foods can make us feel better for a little while that doesn’t make it a good thing to consume.  Eating too much sugar can lead to conditions like diabetes, obesity, hormone imbalances, tooth decay, and even skin wrinkles. Immune system problems can also occur, as your body has a harder time fighting infection.

It is very simple to get rid of most of the sugar in your life.  You must spend time reading food labels, searching for the hidden sugars—you will be surprised at the many places sugar can hide.  Next, buy things that are low in sugar, or sugar free. Some things will surprise you when you read food labels. For instance, if you do not buy natural peanut butter, there is a good chance your brand is loaded with sugar.  Even condiments like ketchup can contain sugar.  Read labels and find the best choices. 

Weening yourself off sugary snacks and desserts is not easy, but it can be done. First, try to replace one snack or dessert a day with a better alternative.  Try healthy, sugar free snacks, you will be surprised at how tasty they can actually be. After you’ve replaced one dessert or snack, start to replace another and another until you are only eating these healthier alternatives.  Also, one place you will find sugar by the spoonful is in your beverages.  Sodas, diet drinks and even most juices are full of sugar.  Make sure to get rid of sugary sodas and opt for water or drinks such as sugar free teas. 

When you are shopping, and reading those food labels, make sure you are familiar with every one of sugar’s ‘other’ names.  Sugar goes by all kinds of aliases.  Look at the ingredients and look for anything that ends in an ‘ose’ because that is probably a sugar.  Corn syrup, cane sugar, molasses, sucrose, agave nectar, glucose, galactose, lactose, maltose, fructose, dextrose and fruit juice concentrate are all names that mean sugar.

Steering clear of these additives will help you get rid of the sugar in your diet. This in turn will have you losing weight and feeling better. Cutting the sugar out of your diet means that your body will thank you.  Your sleep will improve, your memory will improve and even your skin will look better.

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